Saturday, January 28, 2006

Island of the giant terraway

Went to see King Kong last night (at last). My favourite scenes had to be Kong have a toddler-like tantrum when Anne wouldn't play anymore and then later, towards the end, skidding around on the ice and laughing at himself!

However it wasn't all delightful!

Now I know I'm a bit of a wuss really but the isalnd natives were SCARY - really nasty sudden attacks and the whole ritualistic sacrifice business - and the creatures on the island were MANKY. Big wormy things and bugs various being particularly nasty.

However in addition to demonstrating my wuss-like tendencies, I also demonstrated two other characteristics.

Firstly, my inner geek came out when I saw that Andy Serkis (of Gollum fame) was not only playing the hero (Kong) but also the chef on board the boat.

Secondly I demonstrated my VERY soppy side by totally blubbing over the tragic hero's demise. Yes I know I should have been prepared for the ending but it was SO sad. A gentle character that demonstrated great loyalty, an appreciation of beautiful sunsets and a wonderfully fun side ends up being viewed as a monster merely because of his size and strength. How often do we misperceive people because of their appearance and take their gruffness and social ineptitude as anger. Ok so most people aren't 25ft gorillas ... so that should make it easier maybe? I think not!

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