Monday, January 23, 2006

Jam-packed day

Day off today and I've been busy with making marmalade. I have to make much more this year as I now have a dad AND boyfriend who rather like it an eat it by the jarload!

So currently I have been changing this ...

to this...

And unfortunately, in the process, turning my cooker to THIS!


Kathryn said...

Nice to see your hob in its usual state!!!

I did see the first pic, and wonder to myself what had possessed you to post a pic of such a horrid skin complaint.

Was very relieved to realise it was marmlade.

Enjoy your, 'jam nite' ahem.

Anonymous said...

haha sarah has a boyfriend
sarah and *insert name* are sitting in a tree - doing wat they shudn't be...oh look theres sum children from her church "shield ur eyes children the youthworker is jst getting a cat down from the tree"

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

bless you... whoever you are!