Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hop-a-blog Hamilton

Sorry for no posting yesterday but I was a little preoccupied by being in A&E because I cut my hand open when I fell carrying some plates up the step from my dining room to my kitchen. I am now the faintly proud host to my first three stitches ever!

How bad am I though that I was really tempted to take a photo of it for the blog!? I resisted the urge just in case there were some squeamish types out there in the blogosphere.

Apparently, according to the doctor, I was very brave and I should get someone else to carry plates and do the washing up in future!


Free to think, free to believe... said...

Brave! More like stubborn refusal to accept sympathy except for chocs.... Apparently ascending a stair which she's already slipped on, and without any dangerous loads, like plates. Still it was a good enough reason to buy chocs and make her understand that when u love somebody, the first thing you do when they've had an accident - is to shout at them....

Kathryn said...

Aw, hon!
Hope you're feeling better.
Enjoy the excuse not to wash up! ;)