Sunday, September 19, 2004

zero to hero

We had the first Xp (chill out service) of the term this evening on the topic of CHANGE. The musical backdrop was provided by Zero7 which is amazingly hypnotic music - so hypnotic that I hadn't noticed there was a vocal section to track three. I had deliberately planned to miss out track five because it was mainly vocals. The amazing thing was, though, that not only did I come to a pause in my monologue for a short time of reflective personal prayer but also the words fitted with our theme. It talked about change and the singer expressed thanks for the support she got when she was low. It was brilliant.

I chose change as a theme because there are so many young people who have moved school or are leaving for uni or going to college or getting a new job and I wanted to remind them that God's there through all of life and understands the change but that God is unchanging. This means that NO MATTER WHAT God is there for us, loving us.

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