Tuesday, September 21, 2004

From Brownies to Belly Dancing

It struck me this morning as I read a poster for some new users of our church hall that the Brownies would be followed on a Wednesday evening by the Belly dancers. How can people say that the church isn't connected with what's going on in the world when we have such a breadth of society within our church buildings?

In our church hall alone we have the various activities for my young people as well as the beavers, cubs, scouts, ventures/explorers, beekeepers, kickboxing, yoga (oooh contraVERsial!) two pentecostal churches, the national blood donors, our church coffee shop, a playgroup, our mother and toddler group, a support group for carers, a bereavement charity called Cruse, local music societies and orchestras, Brownies and now... belly-dancing! Not to mention the various private parties it's hired for (including my forthcoming 30th birthday!!).

If that's not 'life in all its fullness', what is?


gawblimeyman said...

Just a pity the National Blood Transfusion service isn't so connected with the real world. As a gay man I am not allowed to give my pint of blood to help someone in need, even though I would love to? Why should I lie about being gay? Being gay doesn't mean I'm HIV+ or got hepatitis, or whatever, even if I was surely they should be able to screen for things like that anyway?
It's a disgrace that gay people are BANNED from giving blood.

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

I'm not in charge of the National Blood Service but I have been privileged to be a donor since I was 18. It is something that I value doing and when I'm not able to give due to ill health or diary problems, I know I find it frustrating. I can't imagine your frustration.

As I understand it, they are not able to screen every donation for absolutely everything because of the "best before date" on blood and so they have to minimise risks. This means that they restrict the people who can give blood. I know a friend of mine was banned forever because he once had malaria and others who haven't been able to give because of long trips to Africa or body piercing.