Monday, September 13, 2004

I don't hate Mondays

Monday and the glorious day off! A busy weekend past (hence blog silence) but a great one. On Saturday we had forty five young people at Pulse our monthly youth club. We had a new feature – the cool wall! This allowed everyone to decide what was cool or uncool or even subzero or “Oh please R U KIDDING me?”(very uncool). The wall featured George W. Bush among others as “Oh please R U KIDDING me?” and the subzero also included Bush but this was a place where some of the lads have been hanging out all summer. They were telling me that they picked up a sofa someone had thrown out and they’ve put it inside a large bush. They’ve also decorated it with hubcaps and all kinds of things. I was really pleased to hear that there are young people out there who do not need lots of expensive gadgets to keep themselves occupied and enthused.

We also unveiled our mural to the young people on Saturday. Last year we painted half of the wall depicting the Easter story and this summer we completed it with the other half showing the Christmas Story and the story of Creation from Genesis 1 in seven circles in the sky above the stable. The seventh day shows God resting. We had an interesting discussion about how we were going to draw God. In the end we have God, in front of a tropical sunset and palm tree, lying in a hammock with a hat over God’s face and just some long shaggy hair showing.

On Sunday David, our new rector and vicar, led his first Sunday morning service and preached on the subject of forgetfulness and of Grace. There was an amazingly warm and positive vibe about the whole service and everyone really bonded together in community then and at the shared lunch afterwards. I think this is going to be a really exciting time at All Saints’ and I can’t wait!

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