Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Inside Out

Day off today again and I spent the middle part of it visiting a National Trust property with my dad. Claydon House is near Buckingham and was the sometime summer residence of Florence Nightingale because her sister Frances was married to a member of the Verney family who owned it. That's not especially relevant but a little lesson in history ;o)

What struck me was that the interior of the house especially one room was of the Chinoiserie school. Now I love Chinese food and I think their written language looks amazing. However... I really can't STAND the chinoiserie style of interior design. It freaks me out. All twiddly bits and scary little men with beards looking out at you. Now because I didn't like the inside, I spent a lot of time in some rooms looking outside and the view was ABSOLUTLEY GORGEOUS!

It made me think.... If we make our homes too comfortable don't we just stay in them? Also by that argument if we make our churches that comfortable... do we lose the impetus to look out? Furthermore, thinking of Brighton on Sunday... if we make our country really comfortable... do we fail to look out at the world?

So today is the day to thank God for a little discomfort, now and then, as sometimes it's just what we need to get going!

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ConradGempf said...

Isn't it odd, though, that the ancient monks used their plain, ugly, simple interiors -- their cells -- not to help them be outward looking but to help them focus on the interior life?