Saturday, September 25, 2004

Harvest Jestival

Last night was the Harvest Barn dance at All Saints'.

We've normally had a supper and home grown talent but this year we had a band called Jubilation who were excellent and a pair of callers to help us with the dances.

We cleared all the chairs of our medieval parish church to the sides leaving marvellous open space in the middle with tables at the side. I love to see the church when it's cleared like that. I always think it looks like it's full of opportunities without the chairs in the way.

The congregation revelled with a bit of Dashing White Sergeant and much Stripping of the Willow (my own personal fave!) and feasted on some delicious jacket potatoes and fillings followed by ample shares of apple pie. Also the accompaniment of beer from our local brewery Rebellion which was kindly donated by a parishioner and a healthy portion of wine left over from our last event made the evening a really good time.

The Explorer scouts kept popping down from the church hall to check out my dancing but they never managed to see me which became more and more funny because it really WAS a serious of coincidences that I was doing something else each time they came! However many of them have seen me do the banana dance and I think that is probably my best work so they would only have been disappointed!

I really love it when the church community comes together like that and has fun. It really is a harvest of our community. This really is a great year! I think I can even cope with turning thirty when life's this good!


YingKs said...

Wow that's nice! I want to go to England again, love it. But the transfer rate's not on our side:(

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Thanks Yingks!

If the exchange rate's against you maybe I should be thinking about going to Malaysia. Unfortunately I'm off to Canada soon so won't be able to afford any more travel for a while

Anonymous said...

Well done for resisting the temptation to call todays post, "Life in a barn-dance!"