Monday, May 30, 2005

Broad is best

Ok I finally give in that dial-up is rubbish and I should have broadband. I shall be campaigning for it at the office forthwith.

Had a splendid barbecue with Agent K and her hubby "I'm a firestarter" Colin and after we burned stuff K showed me tow thngs which people have been raving about on other blogs which I hadn't been able to look at because of the slowness of my connection and its tendency to cut out.

The first of these was Baby Got Book which Ian bigged up ages ago. It certainly is worth a look in. I think it give a glimpse of what the church could be like if Ali G had become Archbishop of Canterbury (rather than PM as he did in the film!)

The second film was All Saints which Tim featured. It has images of martyrs ancient and modern as well as video clips from Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ set to the music of Band With No Name. Definitely worth considering for a discussion starter/prayer starter. Not sure I'd have picked the icon images for the early martyrs but I suppose it gives the impression of them being more ancient.


LivingforJesus said...

You have got a phenominal Blog. I love your layout and your usage of words. You have a great sense of humor. I am looking forward to reading more!

nessa said...

wow. i try and formulate my thoughts into words on a subject and i usually don't manage to and keep saying "i'll write this down someday" (which is why i'm so bad at writing letters and e-mails to people) and then someone comes along and says it all so succintly.

thank you for quoting this. very persuasive arguments.

nessa said...

yikes. sorry my comment wasn't meant to go with this post, it was meant to go with the thoughts on homosexuality and the bible post. i've got myself all confused trying to use this newfangled bloglines thingy.

Mona said...

From a fellow ENFP....thank you for sharing your views...keep it up!