Tuesday, May 24, 2005

In the picture

My mate Mark was taking photographs of all the people at the SAOMC for their new course publicity material. In the midst of lots of serious pics he took a few fab ones of all my friends. Now I wouldn't DARE put those up without permission, as tempting as it is to put up the one of William pulling a grumpy face or Chris looking especially holy.

However, I don't need permission to put up ones of me!

Here is me endeavouring to look studious whilst really contemplating eating cake!

I managed the serious contemplative look much better in this one though!

You might almost believe that I was writing something useful! It was a great evening though the highlight wasn't the theological discussion but the suggestion that it doesn't MATTER if it was a evil snake in the Genesis story as it could equally have been an evil gooseberry. Great image. The serious point being that the DEEP TRUTH of Genesis is FAR more important than the surface story. What the snake stands for is more important than why it is a snake. Is it in any sense a literal story that describes how humanity fell from grace with God or is it a way for us to explore the way that people continue to fall from grace.

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