Friday, May 06, 2005

Worth a look

Now that Dave has his cartoons in the Church Times each week, I've made a point of sitting down and reading it in a little more depth than I have done. The guide to the church this week warns against the dangers of confusing a shed with a church - be warned Ian!

Anyway, the edition this week has a certain youthwork spin to it. There's an interview with a youthworker who's on the archbishop's council. According to Mark Russell, Dr Rowan Williams is excellent with young people. This is good news for those who will be taking teenagers to meet him tomorrow. Wish I could join you everyone! There was also an article reviewing some youth and children's work resources though some of them seemed less than recent.

However the article that interested me most was the plug for The Monastery. This is the latest in reality TV and I'm hoping it will be a revelation to people. Five men joined the monks at Worth Abbey for forty days and nights. It screens on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC 2 - take a look.


Dave said...

Thanks Sarah :)

The shed one was drawn rather before Ian's shed antics. Is he planning to worship in it? I'll have to ask.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Cartoonchurch, funny :) Maybe I'll watch BBC too ;)


Adrienne said...


How do we make you famous? I clicked on the link, but couldn't figure out how to vote for you.

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

I think just clicking on it makes the vote... er... I think!