Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Treasury of words

I was fascinated by Tim's adventures into the realms of treasure-hunting - I can just see him in a Captain Jack Sparrow kind of a style. Nice.

(Ok so it's only partially a good excuse to get a pic of Johnny in there!!!)

Yet these are not the only treasures to be discovered out there apparently. Peat Weblog has a fabulous link to a wonderful idea of a site recommended by Radio 4 apparently!

Book Crossing is a scheme whereby people DELIBERATELY leave books in public places, log the place they left it and await to see where it might have travelled!

Only trouble is I have to dig out some books I enjoyed but didn't love SO much that I can't part with them. I do have just a FEW books around the place. In fact someone sitting in my dining room recently looked up at the groaning shelves and said, "Sarah are those all your books?" "No," I answered, "the rest are upstairs!!" When I like to think I'm not too materialistic I have to remind myself about my love of books.


Miz said...

you have blogged on Wednesday and it's still only Tuesday here in the UK. Are you planning your blog entries? I wish i could be that organised.

anne berit said...

Book Crossing, hm.. now that was new - but seemed like a fun idea! But I love my books too... don't know how to choose ;) And to be honest, this is probably not working in Norway just yet...

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Ben that was sneaky!

I'm really not that organised but I like to make it look like I don't FILL any given day with blogging!

KT said...

I heard (once upon a time) that the average household has three (yes 3, three, THREE!) books.

If that's the average, then how few do some houses have, thinking of you, Youthblog, myself, my parents, grandmother, aunts (x3) and friends having oodles and oodles and oodles.

Living in a shoebox means I don't have to move to be able to see my entire collection of possessions and count the 50 books I have with me at uni (7 of which are course related). Add the ones that I didn't pack but will slowly migrate next year when I have a house rather than a room...

Is it materialistic to collect treasures that will one day be out of print, so we can pass our joys on to the next generations??