Wednesday, May 11, 2005

CREature Discomforts

Had a good day at CRE yesterday with the colleagues, including schamozzling with Dave at his ever so distinctive booth promoting his new CARTOON CHURCH.

Yes it is a SHAMELESS plug. I think his stuff is great and I don't mind telling you all LOTS!

However I also got measured by J and M Sewing for my new cassock (well FIRST (ministerial not choir) cassock) and they were so surprised at how short my legs were (compared to my body) that they double checked. Depressing or what? There were also FAR too many scary looking religious puppets about.


I don't know why I find them freaky. I LOVE the muppets but these nearly humanoid puppet things they have just "give me the wiggins" as Buffy would say!

Then in the evening I went along to SAOMC for a fascinationg couple of sessions, one on Human development and "attachment" and the other on the letter of James, its theology, authorship and place in the canon. They may not seem as directly relevant as some special practical youthwork training but having just used an absolute tonne of what I learnt through the course last year in preparing three young people for confirmation, I was really pleased to be learning and exploring theological issues once again.

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