Monday, May 16, 2005

Korean up the Khyber

Just can't resist putting this in for you all.

Someone found the blog yesterday by typing in "Sarah Hamilton" Wycombe and as there are a few of us Sarah Hamiltons out there I thought I'd see what actually came up for this serch. However I wasn't prepared for the Korean to English translation (of what had originally been in English as a press report about the library poster incident in 2003).

I think my favourite has to be how it translated the bit that described me and what I did. Orinigally it must have said something like, Sarah Hamilton, the Youth worker but the translation gives: "the young people employment self-acknowledgement Sarah Hamilton"
In my defence, I'm sure I described Christmas more accurately than it says here!!!

So for your delectation, here it is

" Is a religion partial " one possibility forbade the public library notice of the Christmas worship guidance poster of the church with reason.

Until now the British churches Christmas and the Easter Day gadfly will give the congratulation worship which invites the local resident, will reach and and the public place gadfly it notified the poster for.

pe The king of the British central part em sourly above high khom All Saint church Chengtu which are to the rain (High Wycombe) in the watching library (Listing time of service) notify the Christmas poster. But watching forbids in singing together grade cause Bridget Adams what kind of specific religion B or record notifying expression the poster of the public performance which it does pe khim em in policy to be sourly violated, it refused.

The Bridget " does not attend in the church and the residents which are many it attends in Christmas music worship. Consequently the watching library most the place which is most it informs music worship to this field suitable thought with language." |#ed20{mal_hayss_ta. Her in the last month library staff it discovered that it is not notified in the notice board case you to give the poster but and it had the different poster and in the notice board directness attaches the flaw library staff became India in the library market.

And the library market explained to be soft pe the king em to be sour in order not to notify a what kind of specific religion or the poster of the political group in library policy, that.

And the Dewar which is a watching interested party who takes charge of the library " it is a shock in of course like this policy but as watching e ccel there is not a possibility because all religion group does not give music worship at Christmas." |#ed20{tap_pyen It did.

The Bridget when it means that this problem is limited in one church there is not a star problem, but against like this policy that against this policy the important religion groups to propose a problem re-lon is necessary it talked. And it was British Anglican Church Chengtu, the young people employment self-acknowledgement Sarah Hamilton talked to demand a library whole, that knows at Christmas simple only the birth of a king tree or the light bulb Christmas meaning where the fact that it exhibits is not one field which it re-describes minutely it is necessary in the people.

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