Wednesday, April 13, 2005

When things just work

I can't remember which car it is (advertising REALLY is wasted on me sometimes!) but one of the car ads that you often see at the cinema has that wonderful sequence of car parts that all work together (in a far from usual way) to do something clever like move the car forward or open a little banner or something. OK I really can't remember the details but the important thing is the bi-line:

"Isn't it wonderful when things just work"

That is my tag line for tonight. Just ahd a great meeting with my youth leadership team. We really bounced ideas around and went with the vision. It TOTALLY rocked. I'm feeling fab about it all. Even though we have a few challenges ahead like the perennial need for more leaders particularly for our youth residential and finding a way of incorporating the youth leadership team into the leadership of the whole church as it changes its structures.

Tomorrow I have my annual ministerial review with my rector and this is so completely and utterly the best way I could prepare for it.Wow :oD

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Anonymous said...

Thats the honda ad, however you have to keep it in perspective that the shot was filmed in one go but it was the result of 600+ takes. So although it is great when everything just works it rarely does. Its posted everywhere on the web, is the best. There are also loads of cool inventions made by the same guy like a contraption that makes 26 odd bits of paper look like a flock of birds, totaly pointless but much fun!