Sunday, April 17, 2005

Jump to it!

Ok it’s official… I am booked for the parachute jump in aid of Iain Rennie Hospice at Home. Anyone wishing to sponsor me (preferably only those in the UK for ease!!) do get in touch. I need to raise £400 to make it really worthwhile for the charity. My dad and I between us are pretty much covering the cost of the jump so any sponsorship you give is pure profit to what must be one of the best charities in the world. So what more appropriate picture than one from the great de-motivational site that Ian and Roy have been featuring!


EasyRew said...

You're a nutter - but I'd be happy to sponsor you. Let me know the best way to do it - my address is "rich [at] easyrew [dot] com"

For anyone else who's interested, here's a link to the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home website.

KT said...

hehe woohoo! you'll love it. if you have the money (or like me lovelly lovelly parents) then definatly get a set of pictures and a video done - the only way people believed me was to see the pics!!


put me down for £10 (remembering i'm a student so that's ALOT!!)