Saturday, April 16, 2005

Someting for the Weekend?

I'm finalising the plans for our weekend away next weekend and I discover that YOOFWORK on the wibsite has got some guidelines for weekend residentials but they're JUST too late for me!!!

Dave, I salute you! A masterpiece! I particularly like the late night element of the programme!

Even though Wibsite was recently described as "confusing on your first look" by a review site which cautioned potential readers that it "borders on offensive at times" I think this was a little underserved. The site is, in fact well worth an explore, a titter and a return visit. I get no comission although I should perhaps declare that a Wibsite calendar does adorn our kitchen wall!! Just love those cartoons :oD


Dave said...

Hi Sarah,

Thankyou - though I must confess the residential stuff was written by some of our other Wibsters.

Will be sending out news email about various goings on shortly.


nessa said...

offensive? gosh. were they reviewing the same wibsite?