Sunday, April 24, 2005

Weekend Away-hay

FABULOUS weekend away with the young people! Loved it! Some great Tie-dying, a cool prayer walk based on the 7 I AM statements, a ready steady cook that produced some scrumptious food and not much incident (aside from the broken window and two lads with cuts who "didn't do anything!") REALLY was marvellous time though.

Then also a great St George's Day Service with some brilliant young cubs helping me with a sketch... followed by an excellent session with the confirmation class on the Holy Spirit and Prayer... and finally an interesting evening listening to the local candidates for the general election at a hustings meeting in the church including James Oates, the Liberal Democrat candidate with a blog.

I told him I'd had a look at it and liked his link to some silly doctored photographs and when I mentioned mine he said he might have a look and give me a link. Pretty cool!. Unlike the UKIP candidate who, aside from the usual UKIP strand of bizarre political explanations that ALL problems result from our membership of the EU, had a go at young people by talking about the "problem of young people" presenting themselves to A&E with injuries and the need for activities to "KEEP THEM OUT OF MISCHIEF!" Having just spent A LOT of time with young people, that REALLY riled me and I nearly went up to tell him what I thought but fortunately my friend intervened!!

This problemisation of young people is so ubiquitous and seemingly so acceptable. How do we change that? None of the young people I work with is perfect but then I don't know any perfect adults. In fact I seem to remember there has only ever been one perfect human! The problems that people talk about in relation to young people are problems not of youth but of humanity - when will people understand that?

Anyway, it's too late to continue ranting! More anon on all of this.

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