Saturday, April 30, 2005

I do not know this "cheese" of which you speak

I saw Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy last night and I'd heard some bad critiques of it so I was worrie it would be cheesy yet thankfully I loved it.

It was a very slick film with a decidedly different tone (in fact a different plot in places!) to the radio series and tv series. I rather thought it should have been a little LESS slick and hollywood; it's such a quirky story - it needed a slightly more quirky style and I don't think a big movie can really do quirky. It needed to be a little more British I suppose! Yet it was such a POSITIVE film. I really hope Douglas Adams enjoyed it from "his seat in the gallery" as a fulfillment of the screenplay he had written. I really hope the changes were his. I think it shows an interesting change in his outlook on life if they were. A change for the good. I'm not going to specify... have a look.

Though I can't resist telling you a few little bits!

Marvin the Android was rather bigger than I thought he'd be but Warwick Davies' movements and Alan Rickman's voice made it work! Stephen Fry was perfect (though underused) as the Guide. Bill Nighy was EXCELLENT as Slartibartfast and personally I thought Martin Freeman was great as Arthur Dent (and the appearance of the TV series Arthur in another role was a joy!).

Favourite moment is a tough one though - seriously the film was that good - but I think it's finally a contest between the woolly moment after the improbability drive and the INCREDIBLE sequences about the creation of Earth Mark 2 (the backup). I can see me using that as a discussion starter about God and... u know... Life the universe and everything!

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