Saturday, April 02, 2005

Papal visitation

Weirdest experience this morning...

Random guy comes to my door on "religious business" and asks me if I think the now inevitable (though lamentable) death of the pope would have any effect on the world outside of the catholic church.

Bless him - as when I suggested that the possible appointment of a more conservative successor such as Cardinal Ratzinger might well have a big impact, he had NO idea who I was talking about.

He was more concerned with the alleged lack of impact Pope John Paul II has had onthe world and the fact that wars have continued during his papalcy (bless him again his word!).

I have to admit that as intriguing as it was, it was at that point that I declined any further discussion of the papacy and told him I was going to close my door and our conversation.

He did however pose a good question.

What impact might a new pope have onthe world?

What impact did the current pope have?

This is not intended to be critical of the servant of the servants of God but an honest admission that I'm not sure I really know what changes Pope John Paul II has made.

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