Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Twizzlers or Bran?

Excellent time with Agent K today discussing Practicing Passion with an honourable mention or two for some wise bloggers out there, including Pete, Tim, Ian and Lev though notably to the wisdom of Pete on “Turkey Twizzler Youth Ministry”.

This was a reminder of Jamie’s School Dinners and the connection with the relative value of what we are “feeding” our young people has been on my mind lately and we’re looking to focus less on Turkey Twizzlers and more on the “fruits” in our work with young people at All Saints’. Pete’s point though was very timely for me. If we make our youth ministry too focussed on the wholesome stuff we feed them BRAN which is unpalatable on its own. The question is what IS the balanced diet of youth ministry?

All these metaphorical ponderings about food made me rather peckish so my balanced diet for this evening was a homemade vegetable curry including beetroot, carrot, cauliflower, butter beans and red pepper served with some purple sprouting broccoli in yoghurt and black mustard seeds – wonderful, though I do say so myself!

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Kathryn said...

Maybe we should be offering 'exotic fruit salad,' youth ministry. It has the colouful, attractive tasty morishness of tizzlers, and the wholesome health giving vitamin good for you bits too.
Maybe we should be offering gourmet youth minstry - the best of everything we can offer that is full of richness and goodness?
Maybe we should be offering peanut butter and jam sandwich minstry - it's kinda junky, but does contain good stuff?
Maybe we should be offering cappaccino youth ministry, that aknowledges both the bitterness and sweet frothiness of life?
Having taken a metaphor, run amok with it and left it floundering on a buffet table somewhere, I'm off to get some lunch!