Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Signs of Ageing

Ok some signs of ageing recently...

  • Seeing a picture of my neice on my bruv's site and thinking (and saying) "Gosh she's got big!"
  • explaining to a young person (who looked STUNNED) that when I was a child I went to a cinema to see a film and there was a short film before the main feature (I remember this happening like once to be honest tho!)
  • Hearing the trailer for the John Humpreys and Rowan Williams interview and thinking "ooh I must listen to that later"
  • Looking forward to (and watching) the Secret Policeman's Ball as I thought nostaligcally of the earlier ones and wondered if it'd be as good.

Yet signs of youth too - hurrah!

  • Looking for posters at the SU poster sale for our chaplaincy room at the college and naughtily suggesting those that would ALSO be a VERY poor choice!!!
  • Trying to get some sweets out of Ian
  • Getting to borrow Ice Age 2:The Meltdown on DVD and being VERY excited
  • pulling a convincing mock tantrum as part of our confirmation class!


holyphil said...

Mock tantrum? this sounds interesting?

Sarah Brush said...

It made sense at the time!!

I was explaining how NOT confessing stuff before you start means you're not in a good place to communicate with God.

The young people's response was:

"Blimey! Do you do that at home??!!"

Stumbling to heaven said...

Yes she does...