Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Operation Christmas Child

Michael and I had a lovely morning this morning shopping for Christmas presents. Now normally I hate people doing Christmas shopping so early (before my birthday is officially too early, in case you didn't know!) but this was different.

We were shopping for a Boy aged 10-14 as part of Operation Christmas Child.

This really is a fabulous scheme and our Church is collecting boxes this Sunday. Seeing some already bored children on half term around the shops, I thought it could be a perfect activity to occupy them for a day (planning, shopping, wrapping the box, making a card to go inside, filling the box)

We purchased:
Hat, gloves & scarf - hopefully "cool" enough
a jacob's ladder
a slide whistle
a notepad
a pack of pens
a tin of drawing pencils
(... is it just me or i this like Kim's game or the Generation game... which reminds me)
a cuddly toy - dog (which Michael picked and which almost escaped and stayed with us cos it is so cute!)
A tennis ball
a car
Three bags of sweets
toothbrush and toothpaste.

(ed. Oh and as always I forgot one thing: a lizard which sticks out its tongue when you squeeze it!)
Thanks to God for Hawkin's Bazaar which is just FABULOUS for toys!

If you fancy having a go you can find your nearest collection point here.

Pic of our finished box once we've wrapped it!


Kathryn - echidna23@hotmail.com said...

Hi Sarah, I am so encouraged that brothers and sisters on the other side of the world (I'm in Australia) are taking part in this too. I also enjoy your site, it encourages me in my faith. Kathryn :)

Lorna said...

sounds like the generation game ... don't forget the cuddly toy!