Friday, October 13, 2006

Some serious blogging...

I've been feeling a bit guilty that some of the blogging has been less than serious latley, when in fact in life I've been having some pretty big discussions about life, youth minsitry etc.

Then tonight I discover that the Salvation Army has turned to my humble blog as an authority on youth work and youth ministry.

Phil don't know why they didn't go for yours as you do this whole debate more than I do but maybe this is telling me I should do some thinking then some blogging. There may be the notes from a couple of sermons this weekend. I've given up using the pc for my sermons as I don't write them out so it requires me to remember what I said - which is rarely identical to what I planned to say!

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revabi said...

Congrats. So lets hear some of that youth ministry knowledge of yours.