Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Harvest sketch

Ok so this is the first churchy sketch I've written. We didn't do it totally as written but it seemed to go down kinda well and the young people enjoyed doing it to.

Feel free to use... a comment here if you do so would be appreciated.

(until James interrupts)
Good morning everyone and welcome to our service for Harvest Festival.

TOM – The young people of Crew were each asked to prepare something for Harvest. Oh here’s James…

(James enters in Dr Who gear)

Tom – er James what are you doing?
James – Well it’s Tardis Festival today, like Sarah said.

TOM – No it’s HARVEST FESTIVAL not Tardis Festival. You’ve made an idiot of yourself again. Well let’s hope the girls get it right

(Kate and Jemima enter awkwardly both wearing one vest)

Tom – O…K… So what are you two doing?

K/J – It’s OUR VEST festival so we’re celebrating together in our vest. Don’t you remember? Sarah Said..

Tom – HARVEST HAR..VEST Festival You know as in harvesting crops and everything.. Well let’s hope Lydia got it!

(Lydia Enters in wellies and festival gear)

Tom – Oh dear… So… What have you come as?

Lydia – Got your wellies then?

Tom – my wellies?

Lydia – Yeah for OUR BEST FESTIVAL. It’s gonna be the BEST.

Tom – It’s not THAT kind of Festival

Lydia – isn’t it?

Tom - well at least your close, I suppose.

It’s Harvest Festival which does really mean OUR BEST too really.

It means we celebrate all that God gives us and we give BACK to God
the best we can.

For some of us that might be our eagerness… if it is for Dr Who and the

It might be working together… though I don’t think we need to be wearing
the same vest to do that ALL the time!

It may not be a festival like Greenbelt or Glastonbury but it IS a celebration


Anonymous said...

sounds what I am looking for - a short sharp sketch airing on the funny side as well. easy to adapt

Anonymous said...

I like it! I'm going to use it for my school's harvest assembly.