Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Led by the Spirit

Jo did this test so I thought I'd have a go. Not sure quite what it says really:

Not sure I feel all that wise and the secondary gift of tongues seems to be based on me being good at languages - not sure that's the same thing really.

Jo wanted other people to have a go so pop on over and we'll see what results.

Ranking Gift Score
Primary Wisdom Score: 9
Secondary Leadership Score: 7
Secondary Tongues Score: 7
Secondary Giving Score: 7
Secondary Compassion Score: 6
Secondary Prophecy Score: 6
7 Administration Score: 6
8 Apostleship Score: 6
9 Servanthood Score: 5
10 Exhortation Score: 5
11 Interpretation Score: 4
12 Shepherding Score: 3
13 Evangelism Score: 3
14 Discernment Score: 3
15 Helping Score: 3
16 Knowledge Score: 2
17 Healing Score: 1
18 Teaching Score: 1
19 Faith Score: 0
20 Miracles Score: 0

Spiritual Gift Clusters (click on a cluster for more information)
Rank Cluster Score
1 Organizing 9
2 Nurturing 7
3 Outreaching 4
4 Witnessing 2


The Heir said...

i took the test, it's very simplistic for something so important and i dont think some of the questions have black and white answers...
not sure id be trusting it myself.

Calia77 said...

Sounds like a good first gift for someone involved in youth work