Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Propping up the bar

I've just been thinking through our cocktails for HaRVey's Bar this Saturday at Pulse and trying to remember what was in a cocktail I had called a Virgin Mary (we've never done a tomato jucie cocktail so I thought it'd be fun) I discover LOADS of links to MOCKTAILS.

What was really reassuring was that our mocktails that we've been serving for a while now were actually really rather creative in comparison to some of those on the sites especially in their nomination.

When I'm in the office tomorrow I'll try to remember to upload some recipes for people but keep your eyes peeled for the wonders of:

The Wibblethorpe Wobbler (created in honour of Dave Walker, cartoon wonder, who visited us a couple of year ago)
Gives you the ooglywooglies
Sianara Simpsons
Hopalong Abraham (named after the limping pig at Woodcroft Christian centre where we had our youth holiday in 2004 - I guess you had to be there)
and my favourite...

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