Monday, October 01, 2007

You gotta have soul

Such a fabulous Cross-Section last night. We had a gospel choir and street dancers from Ruach ministries in Brixton. They sang and danced for us and then showed us all how to join in. The Gospel singing was SO MUCH FUN. I loved it. Not so good at the street dancing but you can't be good at everything!

It was amazing to see the young people opening up to this new type of worship and the adult creche were totally transfixed by it all.

Pastor Mark also delivered a brilliant message which was really challenging. So challenging that, one of my colleagues said she wasn't sure she could ever preach again having see a group of young people so focussed on a speaker. He was speaking about a subject I'm exporing at the moment for a sermon sometime soon - how we as Christians deal with faith. Do we use it as a comfortable self satisfied "I'm ok" idea or do we share it with others. Is the church a cosy club for us or a springboard to send us back out?

Well I know it's sent me out humming "Can't nobody do it like Jesus..."


Kathryn said...

I want to see you street dancing! :)

Sarah Brush said...

no... you really dont! Actually I wasn't too bad but I was not the hippest person in the room it's for sure... safe...ay!