Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jesus loves the little children

FABULOUS morning hosting the best primary school in Britain at church today for their harvest festival. No hackneyed old bread shaped like sheaves of corn and tins of tomato soup from them but some amazing singing, dancing, artwork, drama, jokes and information about their REAL harvest of money for some Tearfund projects in Brazil. Fantastically we raised £140 just this morning but the school will no doubt make more.

It has to be said though that the littlies were ever so cute - including some from Ark our Sunday school so I may be just a little bit biased!

This made me ever so nostalgic and so, following Ian's lead I'm sharing some gems from a wonderful book called God Bless Love which Nanette Newman ( mother of Emma Forbes for those of you too young to remember her!) edited together in 1972 and which my brother and I used to read when we were about that age and at that school - awwww. As one of the grandads there today (whose wife was one of my Brownie leaders) said, "Sarah, it feels like just yesterday you were that little Brownie" Luckily enough although there apparently are MANY embarrassing pictures of me in the Brownie archive they're not on my pc.

Funny to think that, as these were written in 1972 so that makes some of these people a "little" bit older now!!

So words of wisdom out of the mouths of babes...

"I think you can fall in love if you have your picture taken in front of a church" Eric aged 5 (now aged 40!)

"My sister is always writing to Jesus an he sends her chocolate an once he sent her two lots of chocolates on the same day but she won't tell me where to write" Ian aged 6 (now aged 41)

"My granny always talks to Jesus on Sundays. the rest of the week she goes to Bingo which is where he lives sometimes" Charles aged 5 (now aged 40)

"God loves everyone who is good like me and my friend lucy but not peopul like gillian who takes other peoples rubbers" Katy aged 6 (now aged 41)

"If you eat sweets in church the vicar tells Jesus " Robert aged 5 (now aged 40)

"Everybody loves baby Jesus even my uncle and both my bruthers but I don't. i love the three wizmen best becus they broat presense" John aged 5 (now aged 40)

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