Thursday, October 11, 2007

Game on!

Michael and I have just finished giggling about Old Harry's Game on Radio 4. If you've not heard it (listen again here!), the programme is by Andy Hamilton and features him as Satan, Robert Duncan (from Drop the Dead Donkey) as his sidekick with "residents" such as a city slicker played by Jimmy Mulville (minor claim to fame - I've been in a lift with him - how random can you get?!) and this series introduces an historian played by Annette Crosbie who's decided to write a biography of Satan and is interviewing people about him.

Tonight featured some FABULOUS bits about unclean things according to Leviticus ("...osprey, hoopoos - has anyone ever TRIED to eat a hoopoo?") and Richard Dawkins ("when he gets here...").

The programme pushes the boundaries a bit with reference to suicide bombers and various aspects of religion but for me it stays within the funny side.

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