Saturday, October 13, 2007

Set My People Free - Mary in the Garden

Mary in the Garden detail 2
Originally uploaded by Sarah Brush
I've just finished another one of the paintings inspired by the Set My People Free initiative at All Saints'. I've also nearly finished the Peter picture which I was hating for a while as I really mucked up part of it. Fortunately a friend, who's also starting to paint, recommended turning it upside down and seeing what happened. I didn't actually move it but I did turn it upside down in my head and then I saw how I could make it work still.

I've still got Ruth to do - especially as it's the session about her relatively soon! I'm just not so sure what to do for Ruth. I don't think Ruth at the feet of Boaz is quit emy style. I was pondering some kind of image of Ruth and Naomi comforting each other and entering Naomi's hometown... we'll see!

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