Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pie in the Sky

Lewis in Oxford
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Had a lovely day off yesterday. Michael and I wandered over to Oxford and caught a glimpse of Lewis being filmed (common enough for Oxford residents, I know but I like seeing all the technical stuff going on!). I bought myself a "large area" paintbrush so later I did a bit of painting (still only the groundwork of the Ruth piece so nothing interesting to post yet on that score).

After that a did a bit of wifely duty and my dear hubby a proper PIE (which does seem to prove Pies are squared! ;oP sorry - enough puns for now!

Pie 1
Originally uploaded by Sarah Brush

Pie 2
Originally uploaded by Sarah Brush

Today I saw a link on the Oxford diocese site to Bishop John visiting one of my FAVOURITE places in the world when I was a child - Cotswold Wildlife Park and I thought that being a bishop sounded like the best job in the world but no... there was a snake involved so thank you but no thank you. Have a look at the pictures... is it just me or is that a slightly sinister look with the snake? Sorry John but maybe it's me fear of snakes make everything in the pic seem frightening!

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