Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Talk Talk BT update

So I phoned BT today - First off I leave a message to get phoned back "within an hour" and NOTHING, ZIP NADA so after Michael kindly sits on hold for ten minutes I get someone. They have no idea what I'm talking about. They say they have done nothing but do offer to reconnect me to BT of course!

So I phone Talk Talk again and ask for some clarification. Apparently I need to phone DIRECT SALES (as if I'm a new customer I guess). The woman was very helpful and when I asked her why it was disconnected she said that they had been notified by BT on 20th September that my line was pending removal for line rental. Talk talk are going to send me some form of confirmation of this notification with my next bill so I can chase it with BT.

So now I get to phone Talk talk in a different office!

Oh whay joy!

{and some more}

ok so then I phoned the number given to me as the DIRECT SALES OFFICE number which turned out to be customer services again. The softly spoken Scotsman said he would put me through to the right department and so I end up back at the "press 1 for..." section. I press 1 and end up.... yes... back to a South African man who asks me the security questions in order just after I answer them (a bit like that character in Terry Pratchett!) and when I ask if I'm now at DIRECT SALES he says ...no but I'll put you right through to someone. GREAT :o)... or not.
He puts me on hold ofr about two minutes and then comes back to say he's putting me through to someone. That someone turns out to be... a voice telling me how valuable my call is and apologies for the SHORT delay. Twenty minutes of this short delay later... a lovely lady who is, (frustratingly for my complaining hat) really helpful and sorts it all out. Oh and she did the changing my name thing which I still keep forgetting to do since the wedding!

So all that's left to do now is call back BT when I have the evidence from Talktalk of BT telling them I wanted to leave and causing this whole nonsense in the first place!

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