Thursday, September 14, 2006

Creativity burst

Today I have been mostly...

being creative which is a little unusual. Although I should really be bringing together stuff for worship on Saturday and finishing off plans for the first of our confirmation group sessions on Tuesday (I have NINE young people - I started with 3 so I'm a little bit pleased! :oD ), in fact I have been fiddling with logos for our events. Let me know what you think

For our new group Fusion (yes I know it's the name of other things but hopefully they won't mind) It's kind of a take on the Trinity and coming together (oh and the colours just wouldn't work properly - it was suppsoed to be shades of grey but the pc decided mauve and khaki were more fitting for some reason! I think it still needs some work but it is a start.

The other logo has been in my head for a while as it's based on the church's relatively new logo. The church's logo does clever things liek incorporate the two main roads in our town and it looks like the symbol for the diocese a bit too and, and, and...

so I thought we'd play with it to make it a bit less clever (though it does still retain its unintended chopsticks and bowl appeal) and incorporated some of the "roads" to be the letter Y. I did try doing the crossing of the T with it too but it just looked lame.

O I also revisited my role as emergency Latin translator again today - you really would be amazed how often I get called upon!

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ian said...

Thanks for emergency Latin help, much appreciated! Would alto also be a legit latin prefix?

It must be way cool to be able to do the logo and the motto!