Monday, September 25, 2006

In the Blogosphere today

Dave has been spending some time with the "little people" and Ian has been thinking about food!

For anyone thinking about what we should be serving young people as far as food goes I think there are various options

a) serve nothing unless it's actually a meal time (and suffer some grumbling)
b) serve exactly what they want (and suffer the sugar high consequences if that's what they want)
c) serve only healthy, fairly traded ethical stuff (and leave some wondering where the coke has gone)

or even better...

d) discuss it with the young people and have THEM work out what they could buy and even MAKE with the fairly traded more healthy stuff that's around.

Check out the fairtrade foundation for all you need to know or Oxfam's page or the stuff on Christian Aid's Mpower site for some other good resources.

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