Wednesday, September 20, 2006

busy bee

Busy times of late - I'm one of the Chaplains at BCUC our local Higher education institution and it's Freshers' week so we've been introducing ourselves (oh and helping CU sort out the right size gas cannister for the barbecue they were offering!) Tomorrow is fresher's fair so that too will be busy.

However I did set up something blogworthy at the weekend so the next posting is something about that! It was for our alternative/chillout worship session with the young people (unfortunately those who wanted to come couldn't and clearly those who could didn't want to as nobody showed up but it's an installation piece anyway so those that wanted too have still got the chance!

It's inspired by the Holy Ground exhibition that was at Greenbelt last year so not entirely original but it isn't the same so I don't think it's plagiarism!

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