Monday, September 25, 2006

Rain on my parade

Ok so my lovely day off is going so well (the man has fixed the roof and the tap so there isn't water dripping ANYWHERE in the kitchen now) and then I get a letter from TalkTalk saying

"We've just recevied notification that you would like to cancel your talktalk serve."

er.... NO!

So I phone them up and apparently BT have cancelled my account with TALKTALK? How does that work?

Talktalk were really helpful: Firstly they answered the phone within 1 minute and also apologised AND gave me a number to call BT.

Annoyingly though... BT are "very busy today" and so weren't able to answer me in the first five minutes (ok they offered me a call back service but I'd like to go out so that's not much help really). How can a telephone company have such a poor telephone customer service when other companies do just fine?

So I will have to go out now and call BT when I have the HOUR or so to wait. Anyone else had this problem?


Kathryn said...

ooooooooooooooooh yes.

Don't even get me started.

Roy said...

had this problem with Orange. Do not think I have ever been through without a five minute wait. So annoying - computer technology - great when it works for you I suppose!!!!

Phil Goodacre said...

i had a similar problem, though it was when i was wanting to go back to BT after being conned into switching in the first place....