Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wii are the champions

Ok so we had a great time as youth leaders playing with the Wii at our leaders meeting on Saturday and got some useful insights into teen life. First of all was the sudden realisation that we had been playing with it for nearly two hours without having noticed and second we had NO IDEA how to get Crash Bandicoot to the end of level one and we all agreed on what we needed at that moment - a clued up teenager :)

Like Buzz, I think the Wii is one of those computer games that doesn't just absorb you into it but helps you engage with those you're playing with. The sport is particularly funny (even without one of the leaders hitting another with a baseball bat!!!) and people playing look VERY silly especially when they really get into it!!

I put the idea of investing into a Wii to the church finance managers with the argument that, with the forthcoming youth worker vacancy, the leaders could do with something to boost the appeal of the clubs we run and something to focus on that's good. Not, as someone put it recently - "They're replacing you with a Wii!!"

I don't think technology CAN replace the important pastoral interaction of incarnational and relational youth work but I'm equally not a Luddite. I see great value in using the new technologies to enable our relational work.

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Sally said...

Sounds like an excellent evening- our Youth Project have invested in Wii- and everyone enjoyed it...keep up the good work :-)