Monday, February 11, 2008

Terror of Change

Ok so I guess I'm not alone in wondering what the BBC is going to do without Neighbours now it's gone to 5.30 on FIVE.

Well the strangest thing is I tuned in early (day off so I _am_ allowed!) and caught the new presenter and character for CBBC (not sure how new but new to me!) It's a grumpy cactus called Oucho* (make your own here!) and following him was the even more grouchy Anne Robinson with The Weakest Link. I suppose it makes sense but I'm afraid I, like the Neighbours will be moving to five!

The CBBC site has also had a nice make over with creative stuff, games and some especially cool stuff like Shaun's bleatbox! This is defintely a link to add to your young people's internet cafe list!

*Now I'm sure it will get a great following but it's nothing compared to Gordon the Gopher or even the less worthy Ed the Duck!

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The Church Crawlers said...

Oh Gordon and Ed...the older of the Intrepid Duo had glove puppets of both. Oh the fun. The older also agrees about Neighbours...the end is nigh!