Saturday, November 11, 2006

Alternative Service

Ok just to add to the SAGA of the BT/Talktalk nightmare of last month, our broadband (which had remained miraculously unscathed by the whol debarcle suddenly disappeared without warning. Apparently BT had told Waitrose that our line was disconnected now (or possibly reassigned - i.e. back to us!). IN theory we should ne paying a £55 reconnection charge but they are waiving it. Silver lining is that we'll get wifi and 8Mb instead of 2 for the same money but the BIG BLACK CLOUD is that we're off broadband for a WEEK at home. So there will be an intermission in both Deep Thought and The Third Province. We apologise for the additional time you'll have on your hands now and for the lack of silly/contraversial comments to your posts by both of us!

However it puts me in my geeky mind of Obi-Wan

Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can possibily imagine

(8Mb powerful mwah ha ha hAAAAH!)

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moog said...

unfortunatley unless you live next door to the telephone exchange you will not get 8Mb. The speed decreases the further away from the exchange, probably some inverse square law or other. If you go to the btbraodband website you can type in your postcode and see what your maximum speed will be.

Sorry to disappoint.