Monday, November 27, 2006

Quint -essentials

My lovely youth leader Chris and I drove up to Shropshire on Saturday to see the place we're going for our youth holiday next summer which is called Quinta. They have an impressively/intimidatingly comprehensive information pack which we'd already had a look through but there's nothing like seeing the place is there?

Originally uploaded by Sarah Brush.

So for those young people popping over here to have a look, here are some pics of the place we went to see and where we will be going.

What is AMAZING about Quinta is that is looks like it will actually manage the impossible which is give us a place to stay that is cosy and just for us AND also give us lots of on site facilities because we're going to be in the lodge houses at the edge of an estate with lots of grounds including an outdoor pool, a sports' hall a low ropes course, a tuck shop, tennis courts, a climbing tree, swings and LOADS of space.


Anonymous said...

had some great times there - sure you will like it and there is oodles of space! Not sure the pool is as useful as it sounds (they may well have done work to it) as it was never available when we were there. Am sure you will like it.

Amanda said...

I have been to Quinta a few times - it is a lovely place!

Hope you have lots of fun...

Mark B said...

Hey, that's not far from me :-) If there's anything I can do let me know... if not it would be nice to come and say hello anyway!