Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ok life is seeming EXTREMELY busy at the moment... wedding to organise, weekend away to oragnise, informal worship space for LENT (yes that DOES start today) to organise... aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaagh!

However it is all still fun - just busy!

I am currently planning the menu for the weekend away and TRYING to keep in mind all that stuff we said LAST year about healthy food. I also find it is a really great opportunity to explore cooking with the young people. Saturday evening is devoted to READY STEADY COOK where I give each group a box of food and they have to feed themselves and half of each leader. They really love it and it is a brilliant time for the leaders to chill out with a book calling out the ocassional bit of advice about the chopping of carrots and the cooking of potatoes!

We're also making mosaic tiles this year AND a fabulous idea from one of the young people we're getting the two teams to put a Computer together from parts!

Today I am just finishing off the worship space (needs a few more posters, a pair of cheap I-don't-mond-them-getting-nicked pair of headphones, some non perishing bread and a handout for people using it!)

The wedding preparations are going well too after some false starts on envelope printing yesterday! and my best beloved is currently being all creative with some silver paint and some celtic knotwork to make them all look pretty!

So does that leave me time for Lent?

Well one of the young peopel challenged me to give up dairy products. An adult challenged me to give up the internet - really CAN'T do it; so much of my work relies upon it!

In the end I am TAKING on Evening Prayer in addition to Morning Prayer each day and I am once again not eating between meals which is UNBELIEVABLY difficult in a youth office which I happen to know contains two jumbo bags of crisps, some miniature herroes AND a galaxy bar!


simo said...

Sounds like a great weekend, although the computer bits sounds dangerous, you do know if they get it wrong and try to turn it on they could totally destroy any Chance of it working again. Hope plans continue to go well for wed though.

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Not my computers! One of the young people who frequently takes the apart is bringing them. I'm pretty sure he'll keep an eye out for people breaing his stuff!!

moog said...

I did a ready steady cook one day with some young ppl, tho I gave them a few quid each to buy ingredients. One group tried to go all out and create a dessert as well, pancakes with fruit. But for some unknown reason they bought packet batter (i mean, really, how hard is it to make batter) and I don't think they made it right, as when I tried this stodgy fat soaked blob, professing to be a pancake, I was nearly sick.

So take care....