Sunday, March 26, 2006

Six days and seven nights...

Seems less than that since I blogged but apparently not!

Ian featured my office in his Youth Worker's offices series - only right and proper seeing as he uses the so called HAMILTON scale to judge their tidiness! Mosey on over there and see the other rather more respectable youth worker offices from the likes of Tim, Miz, Phil and Simo.

Interesting thing is... I was tempted to tidy up a bit first but decided agains it. This is me. This is my office. Sometimes it's worse. Sometimes it's better. When it's REALLY tidy (it has been once) and there's this vast SPACE extending across the floor and the desk and along the shelves I actually feel rather unnerved. I like the feeling of things around me. When it's messy I can FIND things but when it's tidy I can't. Yes that sounds illogical but it's true.

We had Michael's best man over this weekend from Belfast and I have to admit I DID tidy the house a little (well we needed sofa space for three !!) but there was still and IS still plenty of clutter about. I don't find it STRESSFUL (well not until it reaches collossal levels) to have a cluttered house but I know people who do. It's fascinating. What makes us tick so differently?

So are you a clutter lover or a space lover? How does your house or office rate on the Hamilton scale??


Dave said...

Definitely a clutter lover
I'll stick a picture up somewhere tomorrow
having checked out the picture of Yours, I reckon my room/desk rates a high 10

Mel said...

My uni room probably rates about 1 on the Hamilton scale. Such is the extent of my tidiness, one of my flatmates once said, 'Mel, where's all your stuff!?'