Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend Away

Back yesterday from our youth weekend away at Standlake Ranch. Absolutely FABULOUS FUN!

I have a nasty sore throat and cold but nevertheless it was really good. The place was a bit cold but we had anotherafternoon of fun at the local park (including rides on the roundabout!), a round of Ready, Steady Cook! with some fantastic dishes cooked by the young people from a pre-ordained basket of ingredients. We also had a chillout worship service (details in next post) which seemed to go down really well (to my surprise, in some ways I supose) as when the service finished and we offered them some more reflection time in the quiet space most of them stayed there for another 15 minutes at least. Then later we watched Wallace and Gromit; the Curse of the Were Rabbit which even the girl who said "I don't like Wallace and Gromit" really enjoyed because of the bunnies! On Sunday we had a great treasure hunt with a Biblical twist inspired by the Ideas Library CD which Simo passed on to me (I'll upload this when I've corrected it and when I'm back at the office).

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holyphil said...

Matt Redman pure light? Mmmm.
Amazing amazing worship act tho...wish I could have been there.