Monday, August 22, 2005

Post residential blues

Feeling glum now mostly because I'm back at home not with the young people on our holiday. Worse still I've noticed that unkymoods has disappeared so my mood pictures have vanished.

Almost finalised my revised plans for Greenbelt now. Camping with Elisabeth from our Taize group and also the best news today is that KT is going to be there to which is fabulous! SO much catcing up to do with people. Lots of friends will be there so hopefully that should chase these blues away.

Just about to add a few million CDs that they were playing to my wishlist on Amazon. I have to say this is the trouble working with young people. They do keep you aware of new things. I used to be happily stuck in the rut of the few bands and singers that I listened to but I've become ever so much more eclectic now.

So wishlist here I come!


Anonymous said...

Some excellent albums on your wishlist. Glad to see your group have great taste.

Two albums are winging their way to you as I type. Enjoy!

A.N. Youthleader

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Very sweet of you.

Whoever you are.

Thank you.