Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Not so dirty weekend

Just back from Greenbelt, having stopped off firstly to drop Elisabeth home and then made a slight detour to see Kathryn (and have a shower - WONDERFUL! Wet wipes can do a lot but not enough after four days!) as we've both been busy doing youthy holiday type things for weeks and missed each other. Ok so the "quick pop in" turned into three hours so a short posting before I head off to a Sinatra night with some Wycombe people.

Greenbelt was just superb.

The company was wonderful. So good to get to know good friends even better, to meet new people and catch up with some who I've not had time with in a while.

Most Random moment: meeting Steve who was on a committee with me when I was 17/18 and I haven't seen since! Great to catch up with him a bit and hoping he'll get in touch with me.

Highlights for me (aside from the people who were the best thing :oD ) were DaveTomlinson on Running into God (must buy that book!), the Reduced Shakespeare Company, The Works (a really chilled Jazz quartet), Milton Jones (so funny at times it was painful!), the Ska style Eucharist (more on that soon I hope!) and the Marvin Gaye Eucharist (based on the album What's going on?) so chilled and really prayerful.

However I think best of all has to be the Sunday morning Eucharist. Everyone was sitting on the hillside with nature's reredos in the form of a FABULOUS blue sky with fluffy clouds in the style of the feeding of the five thousand. Everyone was encouraged to bring bread and wine and their picnic and, although I was a little nervous at first that it wouldn't feel right as a Eucharist, it turned out to be one of the most connecting, community building and Christ-centred celebrations of Holy Communion I have ever attended.

There was a real blogging theme to Greenbelt for me (and to parts of the programme!) so there'll be a separate post on that soon too.

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