Saturday, August 20, 2005

All Saints Youth Holiday

We had a fantastic week with the young people including a load of great worship sessions thanks to Ian, Nicky, Brenda and Chris, Andy on guitar, and Bruce (a lady) and Johnny doing a sketch. we explored some fairly "easy" questions, not!

Who is God?
Why do we Worship?
How do we communicate with God?
Where is God in my life?
Where do we go from here?

We spent a load of time enjoying the grounds at Cloverley Hall (run by the fantastic team headed up by Alan and Chris - thank you all!) and playing just the odd game or two of Kubb which Ian had brought along with him and was kind enough to leave behind. (Any addicts looking can play Kubb online, apparently but I haven't tried it!)

We also had fun at RAF Cosford, at Ironbridge (especially Enguinuity - amazingly cool science museum type place!) and with the not - hovercrafting - because - the - hovercraft - broke session on the go-karts.

Of course we had lows as well as highs, a few disagreements between some of the young people, some young people not happy with me wanting them to play it safe at times and a rather-more- interesting -than- I-would- have-liked first aid moment! Yet the lows were few and the highs were great.

As last year, Taize provided me with several new games and a new song (Penguins, attention!, Penguins saute!) . We also added a new character to G'day Bruce. That "Lobster" will haunt me!!! Oh and we found new ways to make Mafia rather easier than it should be (hehe!).

Hint #1 When you're in the mafia, don't tell other people to "shut your eyes properly"
Hint #2 When you've been found out as being in the mafia don't say "but you and I were both pointing at HIM not at her, won't we X?"


Badger said...

'Penguins Saute'! Did it taste nice?

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Salute - drat! Darnt hat Spell checker!