Monday, August 08, 2005

"City" of brotherly love

Just back from Taize this morning (extended postings anon no doubt).

I had such a fab time that it all just flew by. We had a wonderful group from the Oxford diocese.

Most notable events for you in brief:

Met a fellow youth work blogger Phil Goodacre who is also a "published author" courtesy of the summer 2005 edition of the Perspectives journal. Sounds like his article is far more worthy than my reflection which was in the previous edition but the summer edition is still on my desk (having arrived there just before I left for Taize and right now I am still enjoying the novelty of the sofa after a week of wooden benches and hard floors!) So, instead, currently I'm perusing the archives on his blog as my coach-wearied brain can't cope with much more than mouse-clicking! (hence I have also caught up with Pete's muppetry, Ian's new car desires and Dave's fab link to Graham Rawle's cartoons.)

In Taize I also met Bishop John Sentamu who is FANTABULOUS FUN. The Church of England is going to get a shake up when he is Archbishop John Ebor. He led an absolutlely wonderful Holy Communion on Saturday night with the Peruvian gloria and Taize chants (including my favourite Jubilate Deo) reverberating around the delightful acoustic of the village church.

I was also put in charge of keeping one section of the church silent during prayers. More on that anon but come ON... me...? ...silence?

Furthermore, I can map out my week in the various items on the menu I dropped on my clothing - hot chocolate (from serving breakfast) on my shoes, Taize tea (from the meeting with Br Paolo) on my dress, jam (from Sunday breakfast) on my 3/4 length trousers - classy!

Also learnt a stack of new games, saw a Taize brother do the Penguin song, laughed so much I embarrassed myself, babbled inanely at all and sundry, made new friends, cemented old acquaintances into friendships and REALLY felt part of one of the world's most vibrant Christian commuities.

Pictures online anon.


Phil Goodacre said...

Morning all!! Its 4.50. Have just woken up from sixteen hours sleep following 16 hours unbroken sleep. :o)
Yesterday (Monday) morning I sat cross legged on a bench at Woodall service station (Junction 30/31 of M1 for those of you who aren't service station spotters), to do morning prayers - not gonna get this Taize thing out of my system in a hurry.

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...


Does such an hour actually exist?

Glad to hear you slept. You did get some rather late nights!

The Taize thing really doesn't leave your system for a while the first time. I remember it well.

Am about to comment on yours...