Monday, March 17, 2008

The Passion

So the BBC has been running this series called the Passion and we've now watched the first two episodes. It's a good programme for sure and I imagine it will open people's eyes to the realy story of Easter rather than bunnies and chocolate eggs for a while. If you have anyone asking about it, REJESUS has some pages dedicated to the programme.

I'm not sure the characterisation of Jesus with words NOT from the Bible when the Gospels record a lot of words of Jesus. There have been definite points where I've thought of passages that could have been used but weren't. I know it may be better than a literal re-work yet I think a balance between modern style drama and the original text is important.

The fear of Caiaphas and Pilate in seeking to maintain their power is well portrayed and the idea of Judas as an "inside man" for the temple guards is an interesting one - though I'm not sure how much it could be supported by the texts. I also liked the way there was a clear distinction between Mary Magdalene (as a close follower of Jesus) and a prostitute who decides to follow him. What wasn't so clear was which disciple was which.

I think it's still worth catching up with it on iplayer and watching the other installments on Friday and Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Thought it was great. Just about to watch episode 2 now.

Anonymous said...

well, once iPlayer loads it!