Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ad music killed the video star?

Simon has put up a really simple yet effective video of John 3.16 which reminded me that Michael and I had been youtube surfing the other day.

Some advert on TV (actually can't remember which) has been using the music from one of my childhood favourites - SACRILEGE! Anyway, hearing the music has made me pine for it a little so we went and had a little look.

The Flumps was GENIUS - pure gold. I am a little worried that I still think I'm Pootle! Looking back at the episodes I still think so and therefore they've been added to the amazon wish list! I thought the ad using the music was sacrilege but somehow the Silence of the Flumps is, instead, rather cool!

Michael advocated the Clangers as somewhat superior which led me to counter with "well if you like THAT, what about Noggin the Nog?" Noggin the Nog was, I think, my mum's favourite and therefore my favourite for a long while. It's certainly worth a second viewing as an adult as it's got a lot more to it than some might think. What with that and the anti-materialistic message of the Clangers, I'm beginning to think that children's programming was far more contraversial in those days. Lovely as In the Night Garden is, it's not really EDGY, is it?!


Free to think, free to believe said...

Clangers! Clangers! Clangers!

Anonymous said...

I (still) am a committed Flump fan. Disappointingly, I bought the series on VHS. And them my video player promptly gave up the ghost. :-(